August 31, 2007

Now what?

The second mercury twist sock is about here ( a little past here, actually, blogging having been delayed slightly by real life).

An hour or so of tennis this evening should see these done. I'll save the finished object photos till they've had a soak and block.

Next up I need to figure out what I'm going to do with this:

The skein of STR medium weight in the Beryl colourway that Adam picked out. It's only 380 yards, which isn't a lot for a pair of men's socks. I'm thinking of something with a bit of texture that won't get lost in the colour shift. It'll have to be a fairly speedy knit as well, this skein needs to be completed socks, ready to go, in a little over three weeks.

Suggestions? I'm off to troll Ravelry for inspiration.

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sarah said...

I've got a skein of MW Beryl earmarked for another pair of Inside-Out socks. I know it's a club pattern, but it wouldn't be hard to reverse-engineer something similar, especially if you're after house socks. I was surprised by the cushioning of the garter-stitch heels and toes, and the reversible rib/cable is good fun. Be wary of giant cable crosses, though, as some people found it impossible to get those loose enough to fit the sock over their heel.