September 4, 2007

September already?

Knitting progress has been good this week: The body of the Fabric of the Cosmos bag is done. It is comically large and floppy as all pre-felting pieces are.

No, I haven't finished the book. I'm still working on it though. I would say so far the reading and knitting experiment has been a qualified success. Next time I'll maybe go for slightly lighter reading matter. The knitting is a bit substandard as well. Some of the sloppiness is due to the loose pre-felting gauge. The tension just isn't consistent. In this case it will all even out in the felting. The colour is a little truer in the first photo.

Before felting however I must knit a whole lot of I-cord for the handles. I was all set to whine about the length of the I-cord, but I am humbled in the face of Ann's edging. Ann's steadfastness in the face of miles of garter stitch remains an inspiration to us all, I know. Still, it's lots of I-cord.

The black yarn and overcast skies conspired to make for difficult photography....sorry.

The three day weekend let me get a start on the STR socks. Several times in fact. I can report that if nothing else, the yarn holds up well to frogging. Not enough to show yet, but I think I'm on the right track.

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