September 22, 2007

Bad Blogger (no cookie)

As Violet would say.

Where is the time going? September seems to be whooshing by at an alarming speed and though I've been doing plenty of knitting there doesn't seem to be a lot to show for it. The second Beryl sock is past the heel and gusset and working towards the toe.

I love this green, but it's difficult to photograph. Another few hours should see these done.

Part of the apparent lack of knitting progress is that there is secret un-bloggable knitting. Not a job, alas, but a gift for someone who reads here. The knit itself is not difficult, though it requires full attention. Interestingly, though, the project has become invested with a surprising amount of emotion and I am plotting a full post on this after it has been gifted.

I received a package from Simply Sock Yarn yesterday (surely I am not the only one taking advantage of the strong loonie in this way?). Amongst the contents were these two skeins of beauty.

Fleece Artist Merino, one of my very favorite yarns in Amethyst (r) and Cosmic Dawn (l). Yes, I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and knit me a Chevron Scarf while I'm on vacation. The example in the book never really spoke to me, but having seen some of the amazing examples on Ravelry has pushed me over the edge. The knitting itself should be unchallenging (ideal for holiday knitting in fact) but using this much colour...yikes. The Amethyst is pretty much what you see here, but there is a whole lot going on in the skein of Cosmic Dawn. I'm way outside of my comfort zone here, but that is part of what travel is about, I think. Doing things differently than one might at home.

And speaking of travel, I have a staggering list of things to do before I leave - I haven't even packed my knitting bag yet. Best get on that, non?

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Todd said...

Hey Sis,
Hope you have a good trip! Enjoy not having to see North American 'news'! I'm sure you'll love it.