July 30, 2009

Me? Blog?

Oh dear. More that six months without a post. To be honest I was ready to let this blog die. Posting had come to feel like an obligation and demands on my time had increased. It wasn't something I planned. When I wrote that last post, way back in January I didn't mean for it to be the last, it just sorted ended up that way and eventually I let myself stop feeling guilty for not posting. If it's any consolation it was not a good winter for me and most of you would not have wanted to read anything I had to write.

Now it is summer (or what passes for summer this year) and things are a little better and a little calmer. Both my mother and mother-in-law have pointed out that I should be blogging and now my lovely friend Jenn has started a blog of her own. All these little nudges add up. So here I am again. I don't know how often I'll post or for how long. Perhaps this is the blogs last stand.

Looking back through those 2008 posts it looks like the cutoff point for really regular posting coincides with my moving back from France. When I was away the blog felt more important to me as a way to keep in touch with my knitting friends back home. I still live nearly as far from my Vancouver Island knitting friends (Canada: it's a biiiig country) and I have knitting friends from France to keep in touch with too.

Despite the lack of blogging I have been knitting. That pink vest that has been sitting half done in my last post for 6 months did in fact get finished in February. I haven't worn in very much. It's a lovely item but I mis-estimated the effect of pink 2x2 ribbing on my tummy region. No photos of that one but perhaps I'll get brave and post one sometime.

I'm not really set up do a finished object report for everything I've finished. I also got a new laptop during the blog hiatus so photos are still in a few different places. I'll add a few here and if you want more info check my Ravelry project page or just ask!

There are more, of course. And I hope they'll all appear here in time.