August 22, 2007

Read, knit, repeat

I'm making progress on the Fabric of the Cosmos bag and the book as well. It's slow going so far. I haven't given up much in knitting speed, but the reading is slow. I'm still needing to look away from the book several times a round and every time I look back, it takes a moment to find my spot. This can't take more than a few seconds, but it adds up. I think I'm getting faster though, so I hope perseverance pays off.

The pattern is based on the Booja Bag, but a little bigger all round. I knit the base in the solid charcoal and then picked up all around and began the body of the bag in the self striping slate colourway. And look: colour

I'm putting in two-round stripes of the purple here and there. Randomly. This is another challenge for me; I'm not good with random. So not good at random, in fact, that at one point I considered using a d20 (*ahem* nerd) to determine the stripe placement. And yes, those are bamboo circs. My usual Addis were too slick for the yarn and limited attention. These are the SR Kertzer bamboo which I'm liking much more than Clover. They seem smoother and slightly pointier.

The yarn is so soft and lustrous that it's almost going to be a shame to felt it. That's still some distance off though, I'm estimating that I'm about a third done. It remains to be seen whether the yarn, the book, or my patience will run out first.

Usually I'm a process knitter but since I want the bag for a specific use, I'm motivated to get it done. The Fall knitting mags have been making their way to my house over the fast few weeks and are combining with the cooling weather to give me a touch of startitis. I'm craving something tweedy and cuddly. I guess it's that time of year.

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sarah said...

My tiny hematite dice are used primarily to generate random numbers for knitting projects. Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it.

Nice grey and purple you've got going there :-)