August 11, 2007

Skill Set

So I've been busy. Nothing new there - everyone's busy all the time and summer is flying by. Not much knitting progress to show this week, though the first mercury twist sock is past the heel and headed for the toe decreases.Still grey, still not much to look at. Alas. I've been swatching and planning and spending way too much time on Ravelry, all of which are knitting activities and therefor count as knitting time. So while there has been lots of knitting time, there hasn't been all that much knitting. The hazards of the modern times I suppose.

This evidence of limited progress combined with my moaning to Adam about how long it's been since I've had time to read a book just for pleasure got me to thinking a bit about time and how it's spent. Knitting, together with the previously mentioned knitting related activities take up large chunks of my free time and I'm fine with that. It seems ridiculous to complain about not having time to read, when the real issue is clearly one of priority.

Or perhaps multi-tasking? I admit that I have always been envious of people who can knit and read at the same time. I tried once or twice back in University days to combine these favorite activities but never got the hang of it. I think it's time for another attempt.

Choice of project is clearly important here. I'm fairly sure that the reading is going to require the greater part of my attention so the knitting must be something that can take place on auto-pilot. Stockinette in the round seems like a good place to start and something without shaping to keep track of. A bag! A felted bag, since felting will conceal many errors and variances in gauge I had some highly feltable SWS in the stash and a trip to the LYS to pick up another skein revealed that this yummy yarn now comes in solids as well.

Nothing says summer like soy wool and theoretical physics. Let the experiment begin.


sarah said...

I'm not sure about the choice of book. I'd have to pay too much attention to it and I'd worry about the impact of string theory, not to mention Heisenberg ("where my stitches at? You cannot know.") I find that fiction (currently Neil Asher) and knitting work well together: knitting makes me read more slowly so good books last longer :-)

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I have very fond memories of Vancouver Island (summer holidays spent camping at Rathtrevor and Long Beach). Lovely when the sun does shine, but dangerously close to places that supply seriously nice fibres.

Cheryl said...

That's so true! So many things now to take up our "knitting time"! No wonder I never have any finished things.