February 29, 2008


So I was entering the birthstone socks on my Ravelry last night and having a look at my projects. There's not one sweater on that list. I never went back and entered all of my older projects on Ravelry, many of them had long since been gifted away and a few I'm not so proud of now and I didn't blog back then so hauling things out and photographing them was more than I was willing to take on. So most of the items on my project page are things I've knit in the last year or so. A lot of socks, of course, a couple of scarves and (after the Christmas knitting) quite a number of hats. No sweaters. Rarer even than leap years.

Speaking of the birthstone socks, they're ticking along nicely. Also why don't I work in twisted rib more often? I'm enjoying the pattern, the lace is simple but pleasingly engaging. Yummy yarn too.

But back to the sweaters (or lack thereof). I have knit sweaters. Quite a few in fact, though some more successful than others. As near as I can recall the last sweater I knit was the Christmas before last - a top-down raglan for my Dad. My Dad is a fairly big guy and likes his sweaters very plain, so I can see how it might have taken it out of me for a while, but over a year? I certainly didn't make a conscious decision not to knit sweaters. Maybe I just didn't feel I had the time to take on a big project, or maybe it seems like a lot of yarn to buy at once.

When I went through the stash before storing it away I noted that I didn't have a sweaters worth of anything, but I certainly have lots of sweater patterns. Patterns that I have intended to knit. My Ravelry queue has several sweaters.

I need to get back to knitting sweaters and there are currently several good reasons why I should. My brother is getting married this summer and Adam and I will be in Canada for his wedding. I'd love to make a nice little summer sweater to wear to some of the family functions. Summer sweaters are small, maybe that's a good place to start. Also I'm engaged now, and it's time I knit Adam a sweater.

So I'm doing preliminary reconnaissance. Looking at patterns, plotting whether it is better to try and find yarn here or order from overseas. Easing into it.

Nothings going to happen too quickly though, because at the moment I am completely obsessed with Norwegian Snails. These ones:

click for big

Yeah, I can't explain it either.

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