February 26, 2008

Heads and toes

No points for guessing what this is.

Ah Kureyon. So pretty and yet so frequently vexing. Why is it so often the case that the best this yarn looks is sitting there in the ball? This time I seem to be lucking out and things are still looking good. This colourway, 149F, is about as neutral as Kureyon gets, I think, and the pattern works with the yarn rather than against it.

Another hat for Adam, who has gone way above and beyond for me this week. He does like a knit hat, though we've been having unseasonably spring-like weather recently so this may be the last one for a while.

Also in gift knitting: anyone remember this?

One of the yarns from the Chevron Scarf Fiasco (let us never speak of it again). I came across this Fleece Artist Merino the other day and was reminded how nice it really is, despite the fact that it didn't work for it's intended project. The colourway is Amethyst, the February birthstone, and as it turns out my soon-to-be Mother-in-law has a birthday in February. Perf! She won't get them anytime close to the birthday, of course, but it's a nice idea anyway.

I hunted around a bit for a little scarf or wrap, but defaulted to socks (I know, look surprised). I'm thinking something something a little lacy for spring. I'm thinking Hedera. This semi-solid should make the pattern interesting without obscuring it. Also despite ogling many, I've never actually knit one of Cookie's sock patterns.

Off to cast on and try to follow the NHL trade deadline via the Internet. Because apparently you can take the girl out of Canada......
look! alp!

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