March 17, 2008

No snakes here

The first birthstone sock is done, finally. When I started this project (February 27, according to Ravelry) I thought I could have the pair finished by Easter, no problem. They've been dragging on a bit, clearly. In fact I let them languish for a couple of days last week, needing only a few rows before the toe, without touching them once.

What? How do you celebrate?

I love everything about these socks, but more often than not when I sit down to knit for a bit these days I seem to be reaching for something a little more mindless. It's a sign (I'm sure) of where my mind is these days. Life seems complicated enough.

I'm not a slow knitter, but lace isn't my strongest event. And I haven't been working on these enough to get into the rhythm necessary to gain speed. It's less than a week now until Easter, if I really crack down and apply myself can I have the second sock knit by then? And should I even try or is this an invitation to cranky, squinty madness? Hmmmm.

The cold, grey rain returned on the weekend and we've been reaching for wool socks and hats yet again. It seems that spring is slow to come in a lot of places this year. As a consolation I definitely earned my Proselytize Knitting badge last night while wandering (through the drizzle) back from the pub and explaining to my compatriots why wet wool isn't cold.

If St. Patrick's Day has you thinking of cables and twists you can get a wonderful vest pattern and help fund important research at the same time. Visit Kirsten at Through the Loops to find out more.

There's an Alp back there somewhere...

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Kirsten said...

Thank you so much for the shout out about Dr. G's Memory Vest!