March 27, 2008

First time for everything

For one day (and one day only) I really wish I were in Toronto. This whole scavenger hunt thing is going to be Big Fun and I'm bummed that I don't get to play along. The city isn't going to know what hit it. Perhaps I'll see if I can't stage a few of these pictures here in Grenoble. We have a hockey team.

As hinted in my last post, I really am starting a sweater. Not a first, but certainly a rarity in recent years. I have decided on a light cardigan which I'm hoping will provide for use in a few seasons. The yarn is a wool/synthetic blend and superwash no less. Not something I probably would have considered at home, but when in France.....

I love the sheen and softness though as well as the colour, which is a lovely soft neutral vanilla.

It's not quite the weight the pattern calls for but it's very close. I got gauge no problem in my swatch. Suspiciously easily in fact: on my first try. This worries me slightly (it shouldn't be this easy) but I did a good size swatch, no cheating or stretching. We'll see. I was slightly consoled when I realised that achieving gauge on this needle size meant that I did not have with me the needles I will need for the sleeves or the front band. So perhaps having to order those to be shipped to Canada and then sent on to me will be vexing enough to appease the knitting goddesses and save me from a gauge incident later in the project.

Tomorrow I cast on. To add another first, I'll be using my harmony interchangeable needles for the first time. I think I've finally found a big project I can get motivated about.

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yvette said...

I hope you don't have any gauge incidents, I might have the needles size you can borrow if you are stuck. Have a good weekend.