June 8, 2008

Skirt it

The tedium of the greenwood blanket may be starting to get to me. I suspect this because in defiance of all reason I have become obsessed with the idea that I must knit a skirt. I have never knit a skirt before, never even seriously contemplated it until the blanket began to suck me down.

I know this is madness. There are many reasons why I should do no such thing. Even leaving aside the fact that I need to finish the blanket I have several other projects in the planning stages which are finish-date dependant. I'm not even sure knitted skirts are a good idea - certainly it would seem that they could get a bit stretched out in certain areas. And I'm not certain that's an area of my person that should be covered with knitted fabric. With these things in mind the whole skirt-knitting idea should have passed quickly.

Instead I logged onto Ravelry and looked at patterns. This was a mistake. I had no idea how many patterns there are for this sort of thing! Clearly the knitted skirt is a thing people actually do. Knitters never cease to amaze. This book has just been released as well, so clearly there is a bit of the fibery zeitgeist going on here.

There's this one, though perhaps the detail is too much and a worsted weight skirt seems a little heavy. There's this, which really would be a LOT of stockinette in the round (not good blog fodder). I could never in a million years get away with this, but it's a great pattern. This has potential, though in a solid colour, I think. What should have been a fleeting thought has now nestled in and started getting comfortable.

What do you think: Knit skirts, yea or nay?


yvette said...

I like the idea of knit skirts, I love the Knitspot one but I think yarn choices have a lot to do with whether it would be wearable. I have 2 crochet skirts that I love but they are cotton and I do wear a cotton underskirt to minimalise baggy, saggy bits. Anyway with any luck it will soon be too warm to wear anything woolly!!

Anonymous said...

I have always craved a knit skirt but when my body would have accepted it I didn't have the knitting time and now......I say go for it, just pick a shape that you would normally wear in a skirt and have some nice person (maybe me)line it for you - that prevents the sags and bags.