April 7, 2008

Hardly ever

I did something unusual this weekend. I visited my Ravelry queue, called up the pattern in the number one position, and clicked the 'cast on' button. No, not the sweater, but the Gentleman's Half Hose in Ringwood Pattern, which had been languishing in said position for 5 months, apparently.

I needed a pair of travel socks to work and himself has an event coming up that might benefit from the luck and comfort of a new pair of socks. I have wanted to knit this pattern since I got the Knitting Vintage Socks book (as well as most of the patterns in it, but I digress). I love the subtle texture and the calf shaping. They're long though, calling for 550m of yarn, and for the intended situation need to be in a subdued colour so......

I bought yarn. French sock yarn! So far I'm liking it. This project is on a very short deadline, which is good both because it will keep me going, but also because it will limit the number of blog posts dominated by pictures of grey socks (again). The sweater will have to be started as well, if only for respite and blog fodder.

The satisfaction of casting on the top item in my queue was diminished slightly when I noticed that I still have over 30 items on the list. Many of them are small, but still. Wasn't I just saying something about needing to make a knitting plan? Now topping the queue: The Snail Mittens. They haunt me still.

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