November 7, 2007

Cover your ears

The gift knitting continues. I'm with Carolyn; this year it's hats.

The red cabled hat for the Aunt is done.

Utopia Hat by smariek
Patons Decor

Again with the boring flat photo. Must find better way to display hats.

I've been going back and forth a bit on how to deal with blogging the holiday gifts. The red hat is for an Aunt who I'm fairly certain does not read the blog. The next hat however is for someone who does look in on these pages from time to time. Gifts are pretty much all I'm working on at the moment, without them I will quickly become low on blog fodder. I've decided to continue blogging gift projects but in most cases I won't identify the recipient. Friends and family may read (or not) at their own risk.

Next up is another hat with cables. This one in Cascade 220 Heather, a yarn which I really like to work with.

It's a bit further on now but since the time change chances for good photos are few. I have been craving earthy greens lately and this one will suit the giftee perfectly. If I can bear to be parted from it.



sarah said...

You could try blogging the gifts in a misleading manner. Show colour combinations that the giftee will dislike, imply that the item that suits giftee A will be given to giftee B, while A will receive a useful antique brick or something equally un-delightful. Your Aunt could unwittingly become a source of disinformation, completely destroying her credibility within the family.

Perhaps there's a reason I live so far from most of my family? Must consider this.

Cheryl said...

I love that red hat! I hadn't sene that pattern before, I'll have to check it out.