October 25, 2007

Blank Canvas

Once I recovered my senses enough to knit straight I zipped through the little hat in just a couple of evenings.

Doesn't look like much yet, but there is embellishment yet to come. That's the fun part.

The yarn is Patons Decor, which is 75% acrylic. Does anyone know if they've changed the 'formula' for this? I used Decor a few years ago for a couple of kid projects (washability, ya know) and didn't like it at all. Squeaky, sticky, kinda stiff - the usual complaints about the genre. This ball (and the three others I picked up recently) seem better. The label still lists 75% acrylic 25% wool and says it's machine washable. It's not something I'd use for a real garment, certainly, but the hand isn't all that bad.

The second high altitude sock is nearly complete. The pattern calls for a round toe, which I've never used before. It's easy to work and looks kind of cool so I'll be interested to hear if the fit is as good as my usual toe. I did modify it slightly: I don't like the little hole that inevitably results when drawing the tail through live stitches to close the top, so I reduced down to 16 sts as directed by the pattern, then closed as usual. Sort of a modified round toe, I guess, but I find that little flat bit pleasing.

I finally got a copy of the Interweave Knits Gifts Special today so now I can start my holiday knit list in earnest. I'm thinking more hats.

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sarah said...

I think they're making better acrylic than they used to; when I'm really bored I might try to find out if this is the case. The hat is sweet, I wish I knew someone with kids young enough to wear small (fast), cute knits. You have lovely taste in colour, too: lucky people on your gift list. I must be less selfish :-)

And I'll remember your modification to the round toe should I have to knit one; I'd never have considered it because of the gather (not just the hole, but the thicker fabric at that point).